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Advisory and interpretation

A member from the Watertight Right team will discuss the nature and
timeline of the project, and review available architectural specifications
and drawings. Site visits to existing projects will ensure we have a
comprehensive understanding of your project.

Solution design

Watertight Right will propose a suitable waterproofing solution, detailing
the suggested products and installation method. We will consider your
budget, as well as the nature and lifespan of the project, to ensure your
waterproofing solution is high quality but appropriate until end of use.

Quality installation

We manage the full project delivery of your waterproofing solution,
including logistics and access. We only use products that we trust
to ensure that we are confident in our ability to make your solution
watertight. Our experienced team will install all membranes in accordance
with product specifications and standards.

Handover and testing

Our specialists will test your membrane to verify the installation
technique and product is free from defect. We provide you with a handover package detailing the products, installation method, maintenance advice and the manufacturer product warranty certification.



In our years of experience in waterproofing remediation, we have seen the result of poorly installed waterproofing and low-quality or completely
unsuitable product choices. Watertight will undertake a full inspection of
the affected areas and provide a summary diagnosis of your premises by
area, problem, and urgency.

Remediation work

Watertight Right will install the necessary waterproofing remediation
work, minimising costs while ensuring your problem will not occur again.


In addition to performing remediation work, we will provide advice on
maintenance concerns that may impact the longevity and effectiveness of the rectified surfaces, as well as areas that have not yet required rectification.